EMT Training: Getting Certification

June 8, 2011

An emergency medical technician is someone who assists patients outside the hospital facility. In most cases, these patients are under great stress because of crisis situations. In other words, they are in need of immediate medical help and are in no position to get to the hospital on their own. Someone who wants a career in the field of emergency medical services has the guts, patience and precision equal to that of a senior medical officer. But the willingness to become a part of the world’s most able emergency personnel is just the first step. To make your dream of becoming an EMT come true, you should undergo intensive training.

Steps Getting Certified as an EMT

Step 1: Start Basic Training

You can start your EMT training as a high school graduate and progress from there. Getting certification as an EMT involves a series of training courses included in one EMT basic course. EMT training will require time inside the classroom, for the student to learn the basics. But more importantly, there will be plenty of opportunities to get hands-on training with certified EMTs who are already certified paramedics.

Step 2: Hands-On Experience

This aspect of your training will prepare you for extreme situations that you will have to handle once you’ve become a full pledged paramedic. Although some cases are less extreme than others, you should be prepared for where your job will take you every day. Being a provider of emergency medical services requires you to be calm and collected even when everything is in chaos. This is the kind of thing that is not learned inside the classroom.

Step 3: Complete Your Skill Sets

Before you go to take your NREMT test, you should already have the necessary certificates of training for different EMT skills. A training program should include courses that are geared toward learning and mastering these EMT skills, such as CPR, I.V. maintenance, glucometer reading and airway maintenance. Not all training programs are equal in terms of comprehensive coverage of the various EMT skills, but you can continue to learn advanced methods even after you’ve been working as a basic EMT for a while.

When you’ve completed your Basic training, you can now prepare for your NREMT examination to get your EMT Certificate. Most people who move on to the examination phase got their training from a state-approved training facility. If you took a course from an institution that is not accredited for its EMT course, then you will be required to get additional training from a state-certified institution.

The next step is advancement. Find a job as an EMT Basic in your state or city, after which you can apply to take the exam for advancement as an EMT Intermediate. This is a requirement to become a paramedic, which should be your ultimate goal. As a paramedic , you will be eligible for better pay and better job opportunities in the country and abroad.

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