How Long Does it Take to Become an EMT

June 7, 2011

If you want a medical job without going for medical school, you can start by being an emergency medical technician. An EMT or emergency medical technician is the person who responds to a 911 call. He can either work for a private hospital, a government-funded institution like a fire fighter installation, or for a non-profit medical organization.

The general assumption is that a person can become a paramedic instantly once he has gone through training as a basic emergency medical technician. A career as an EMT will require you to pass several licensing examinations, as well as undergo further training.

The very first step is graduating from high school. You can start preparing for the job as early as middle school and high school, if an EMT career is the one you really want. You can focus on topics like English, health and languages. There may be instances when knowing how to speak another language can be a plus in your career, especially in areas where many people belong to a big community of a particular ethnicity.

After high school graduation, you can immediately start your training in providing emergency medical services by enrolling in an EMT Basic program. The EMT basic training course can be completed in two years. By the end of this period, you will have learned the fundamentals of responding to an emergency and you will have understood the crucial role of paramedics in health care. The training center should be affiliated with a hospital or several hospitals so that you can have hands-on experience before you graduate.

Local hospitals and community colleges provide this emergency medical technician basic training. But like everything else, some training courses are more comprehensive than others. To pass the licensure exam for your state or country, you should always find out if there are better training courses in other areas. The faster you can work in the field, the better. But you should also be given classroom exercises that are intensive enough to pass the written examination.

After going through licensing stages, as well as getting enough units in college to earn an associates degree, you can improve your career by becoming an EMT-Intermediate and then an EMT-Paramedic. To reach the point where you can become the senior officer in an emergency responder team, you should have accumulated enough hours on the job and have undergone several stages of training.

One thing that you must understand is that you cannot stay as a basic EMT forever. Sooner or later, you will have to rise the ranks, especially because of the work demands. While working as an EMT Basic, you should be ready to train as an EMT Intermediate, which will require another round of reviews and refresher courses. Training for this advanced status can be from 30 to 250 hours. When you are an Intermediate EMT, you will have more responsibilities, like supplying intravenous fluids to patients and how to use complex airway devices.

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