How to Become an EMT

June 3, 2011

When you proclaim that you want to pursue a career as an emergency medical technician (EMT), you’ll get varied reactions from other people. Some will look at you with admiration, but some others will probably call you crazy. EMTs are an elite breed of individuals that tirelessly attend to people who are in desperate need of medical help. They’re at the front of any medical facility, and are typically the ones that receive dispatches from 911 operators.

To start your career, you need to choose an EMT training course that covers everything that will come out in the examination. Those who graduate from an accredited course must then prepare for a written examination as well as a practical examination in order to become certified. After passing the exam, the individual will be a registered EMT Basic, which simply means he has the fundamental skills to start working as a part of the staff in hospitals or other facilities that provide emergency medical services.

Training is needed if you want a career as an EMT. Every country and state has a specific exam that you have to pass to be a qualified EMT. But the studies don’t stop there. After passing the initial examination, you need to renew your certification of license every other year. There is also a need to work as an EMT to qualify for advancement.

The most basic certification is for the lower ranks of the EMT. Once you have this certification, you can apply for a job in hospitals as well as fire fighter facilities. However, you may not be able to function as a full EMT, but as an assistant of a more experienced EMT with a higher rank. To advance in this career, you need to be working actively as an EMT, and you should be ready to study more on your free time. You should also continue your education and review for the next round of exams if you want career advancement.

Some people are content with being ranked as EMT Basic. This is the lowest rank, and you get basic pay. But others want better pay and more responsibilities on the job so they go for higher positions. Also, some facilities that offer the best pay in the industry may require EMT Basic personnel to undergo the exam to become full-pledged paramedics. This is because they don’t want less trained personnel to handle extreme emergency cases just in case one senior EMT with better training is on leave when the extreme emergency happened. Advancement is a career decision you should choose to take, if you are really passionate about your work as an EMT.

The next rung on the ladder is to become an EMT Intermediate. In order to advance, you should review the EMT Basic course, which is also a requirement to become an EMT Intermediate. This is the second to the last step to become a full-pledged paramedic.

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